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I have  reorganized this site to separate the transplant and Keeping Well portions into three sub-sites.  My goal is to add more links for medical resources on the Internet to help people live with lung disease.  THis is a renamed site.

 I started adding a new  CF Section, with documents and links of interest to both CF patients and COPD patients.

I have updated the site to fix some of the links that have changed This was update on 1/23/2007.

I have added three more pages to the transplant section and one for terms as of 3/27/2007.

I have added a link to the COPD Support Chatroom for people with java problems.

And here is a page for those with high resolution screens (larger fonts)

The New COPD Forum

And the COPD Support Home page is here

My PFT Tracking Spreadsheet is on the Surviving your lungs page has been updated

Links have been fixed

Dave Mabo
Cincinnati, Ohio

Revised Saturday, October 20, 2012 09:00 PM


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