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Welcome to my Lung Transplant and COPD resource web site.  I have dedicated pages to each group of resources.  The topics I have focused on are of interest to me.  They are lung transplant, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Chest Clearance, and Sinus Rinse

Unos has issue revised rules for allocation of lungs. It can be found at:
OPTN/UNOS Board Approves Lung Allocation Policy Based on Transplant Benefit

They also have a new patient resource at Organ Transplants:
Partnering with Your Transplant Team: The Patients Guide to Transplantation

I have added a number of support links on the Keeping Well page. These include site run by medical professionals who have question and answer options.  There is also 2 links on pulmonary rehab.

Feel free to browse around my site. As topics of interest occur on COPD Support and Chat, I will add more info.

The medical test pages are for both Transplant and also some of the test are used in evaluating lung disease by your Pulmonologist.

One important note - It takes a while to get from evaluation and listing to having a transplant.  Using the chest clearance and sinus rinse will help you get there.  Add no smoking and Pulmonary Rehab and you are going down the right trail.

Take a look at the last paragraph on So you want a transplant. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Dave M, Ohio


Revised Saturday, October 20, 2012 09:00 PM

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