Lung Transplant
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Medicare & VA

Medicare Transplant Centers
How they are selected - Experience and survival rates - The facility must demonstrate experience and success with clinical organ transplants. The facility staff must have performed a specified volume of transplants for each organ type (10 or more lung transplants) for covered conditions in each of the two preceding 12-month periods. Additionally, the facility must demonstrate a minimum actuarial 1-year and 2-year survival rate.  Lung transplant facilities must demonstrate a 1-year actuarial survival rate of 69 percent and a 2-year actuarial survival rate of 62 percent.

VA Transplant Program
I have included this link before I found that the program is in crisis.  The Richmond VA, where they have listed the bulk of the Veterans in the program lost its main Lung Transplant Surgeon This summer.  The program at McGuire VA in Richmond, VA has closed.  All patients are being sent to the contract program in Madison Wisconsin.  I am waiting to hear what this means to patients.  I have been contracted by 2 fellow patients and they are referring them to Madison or outside the program.

Medicare coverage for Immunosuppressent (anti-rejection) drugs after organ transplantation


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