Lung Transplant
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Tests they Do on US

This section discusses the tests they do in evaluating someone for a transplant.  It is not a list of every test they may do on every person.  Each of US is different, and therefore the doctors may require some additional tests.

I am not the author, but merely the editor for most of this data.  I have had these tests.  Some multiple times.  I thanks WEBMD and other medical sources for the info.

What I have not discussed here is the other tests.  A transplant requires a life style change, and a long term relationship with you transplant center.  During the entire process, you will meet with Social Service, Physiology, Chaplains and other social service and family support resource.  These people are as important in the evaluation as the tests. 

You will also meet the Transplant Coordinators and the doctors.  Your life and future will be in their hands.  The Surgeon and his team only have your life for a day or a week.  The transplant pulmonologist, pharmacists, nurses and other have your from the day you are listed until the day your die.  Their job is to make you live as well and as long as possible.


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