Lung Transplant
COPD Support

Surviving your Lungs

I decided to break out my non-transplant resources to a different page.  This page links to sinus rinse and chest clearance info.  I have added 4 of the great support linksI will add more in the near future.

 Updated PFT Tracking Spreadsheet

COPD Support - Online EMAIL and other support programs
They have some great online support chats.

COPD International

Nation Jewish Medical and Research Center
Ranked the #1 Respiratory Hospital in America for 6 consecutive years
U.S. News and World Report

Net Wellness
Sponsored by Ohio State, University of Cincinnati and Case Western. My Doctor participates in this program.  You can submit a question and get a response.

Cleveland Clinic Health Information Center

Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project
More for the doctors, but you may find info you want to share with your doctor.

Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Program Search

An article on Pulmonary Rehab

Online Medical Diagnosis and Recording Keeping Site


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