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      Chatroom Policy and Sanctions

    Please avoid discussing politics or religion. Avoid using CAPS as that is considered yelling. Off-color remarks, sexual or self-gain business solicitation, or offensive innuendoes will not be tolerated. Please see our chatroom guidelines and policy page at

    Serious sexual indecency or business solicitation:

    There will be no warning for business solicitation or sexual solicitation that is graphic and totally over the boundaries of decency.

    You will be:

    1st offense - A 30-day suspension
    2nd offense - Banned permanently

Less Serious Offenses

For undermining COPD-Support, Inc. or the sexual innuendos that are not as graphic, for example: when they talk about their underwear or lack of without it pertaining to not wearing tight clothes in order to breathe better. Innuendo is also when there is talk of short tight skirts, shorts and tops. It is also what you will do with or for someone if you ever had the chance. Innuendo is not flirting; it is skirting the bounds of decency and has no place in the chat room. But, we also feel that it is not serious enough for a complete ban at first offense.

General harassment is fairly easy to define as are derogatory or defaming remarks. Other types of innuendoes can include but not exclusively, questions of truthfulness about anything someone else may say. Outright calling some one a liar or even a pervert because they don't like what is being said. A lot of this is a touchy area and open to interpretation. It is also an area where one person can hurt another emotionally and these will not be tolerated.
For any of violation of the above this will happen:

Warning: You will be given a Verbal warning by Host, asked to read policy and Chatroom Management will be informed.

Written Warning: This will issued by Chatroom Management when the Host has to give you a 2nd warning. At the time the Hosts issues warning, You will be asked to again review our policies. You will be informed that you have been suspended and asked to leave the room and can not return until you have apologized to the Chatroom through the Chatroom Management Team. Management will then write you and Advise you of how long you will be banned from the chatroom. The occurrences will be as follows.

    1st Offense - A 7-day suspension of chatroom privileges
    2nd Offense - A 30-day suspension of chatroom privileges
    3rd Offense - A 1-year suspension of chatroom privileges
    4th Offense - Banned permanently

If at any time the chatter comes into the chat room under their own name or an alias during suspension they will be suspended for 1 year or permanently if already on the 1-year suspension.

At this moment you can appeal the decision by writing to



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